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3 Things to Know Before Phased Kitchen Remodeling in Niles, IL
April 26, 2021 at 11:00 PM
We hung that art piece by Tekuma artist Lulu Zheng, and I particularly loved how Lulu combines architecture and organic forms. Even if it is in the background, her 3D elephant brings the focus of the viewer towards her work.

You’ve always dreamed of a glimmering granite slab countertop or an elegant island to add further convenience to your kitchen. Perhaps you’d also like more space, more customization for how you uniquely use your kitchen, and a brand new finish to boot.

While some want to have a full renovation all at once, others prefer to see it come together one stage at a time.

Family Restoration Inc. has helped homeowners take both approaches for over twenty years, so we have some tips to share.

If you decide to opt for phased kitchen remodeling in Niles, IL, knowing these three things will help you have a smoother, more successful project.

1. You’ll need a comprehensive plan

You might think it’s obvious to plan before a kitchen remodeling project, but doing it in stages has its unique planning difficulties. Each new addition will come perhaps a few months after the last, meaning there’s a chance that they might not complement each other if rashly planned.

You don’t want to find out, for example, that the style of your chosen countertop doesn’t mix well with the finish of your cabinets. Or that the arrangement of your cabinets is outof sync with your appliance placement.

Plus, a clear plan from the start saves you scrambling around trying to make critical choices down the line. You’ll have a much more fun and orderly project.

Your plan will take on a shape of its own depending on your needs and circumstances, but here’s a general sequence you can follow:

  1. Budgeting
  2. Upper cabinets
  3. Cabinets and countertop
  4. Appliances
  5. Flooring
  6. Accents and design element

2. Make sure to clarify project scope

Also important is developing a clear scope of your kitchen remodeling project.

Listing all the aspects and parts of your kitchen that you want renovated provides the easiest starting point. You can then divide everything into selections and subcontractor types.

The selections are the exact items and fixtures you plan to install. And the subcontractor types are the professionals needed to make or fit them. Think framers, cabinetmakers, electricians, drywallers, etc.

Developing a clear idea of project scope plays into your overall planning, but you’ll go into a more little detail.

This is important for working out a realistic timeline, coming up with a firm budget, and making sure all the kitchen elements you want revamped are accounted for.

This tends to be a confusing process for homeowners planning kitchen remodeling in Niles, IL, especially since it involves looking at numerous details. But working with a remodeling company early in the planning phase gives you access to experts who can take over much of the process on your behalf.

3. Make as many specific selections as you can

When you don’t give builders specific instructions, they’re left to fill in the gaps with guesses. These are known as allowances. They’re expertise-driven inferences, but guesses still. And, with the project broken down into phases with intervals between them, you may find that some of these allowances don’t fit your vision.

While there’s a little flexibility to phased kitchen remodeling, impulsive or stage-to-stage decision making only leads to mismatched styles. And that can mean having to reverse upgrades to re-establish design harmony, which only adds to the costs and timeline of your remodel.

Work with Family Restoration Inc. for quality, reliable kitchen remodeling in Niles, IL

Whether you’ve decided phased kitchen remodeling is the best option or you’d rather have it all done at once, Family Restoration Inc. can help you achieve the kitchen you long for, down to the subtle details. Our experience stretches over 20 years, and in all that time we’ve been noted for our consistent quality work.

Our team is also skilled in restoration and construction.

Contact us today for a consultation.