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Our Deck Builders Will Perfectly Place Your New Deck
January 29, 2021 at 10:30 PM
A general contractor in Niles, Il can turn your home into your dream home.

Working with an experienced deck builder in Morton Grove, IL, makes a big difference in optimizing your new outdoor space. Good design and thoughtful placement are critical for expanding your home’s living space. A new deck can turn your home into the preferred hangout spot for friends and family. Your loved ones will be eager to gather to take advantage of good weather with comfortable deck furniture.

But placement for your new deck is key. Overexposure to the elements or constant onslaught from the sun can turn an outdoor oasis into a barren and unused space. Unskilled deck placement might result in an outdoor space looking out of place or unnatural alongside your home. Deck builders in Morton Grove, IL, will look out for these features when selecting the best place to build your new deck.

Privacy is key.

We talk about decks as a three-season way to extend your living space. So, it’s critical that you feel as though you have privacy when you’re out on your deck. It’s hard to enjoy your outdoor space if there is high-volume traffic nearby.

Our team will help you select an area of your yard that feels private and isolated from the world around you. We’ll plan your deck around your home’s natural sightlines, adding privacy through innovative design.

Coverage from exposure is ideal.

A deck with a poor location may go completely unused because it’s always in the sun’s direct path or cast in the shade. Finding the right balance of sun exposure is critical for building a deck where you’ll be comfortable, regardless of the time of day.

Our team will incorporate design features like pergolas. So, you can take advantage of your new outdoor living space from dawn to dusk, no matter the time of year.

Convenient access from your home is essential.

Our skilled team will make sure your deck is convenient and easy to access, whether you want to step onto your deck right from your back door or prefer a walkway through your yard. Customer care is our top priority, so we’ll explain the options for accessing your deck and the difference between an addition and a stand-alone structure.

Your deck should work with existing landscaping.

You shouldn’t ever have to cut down a tree or destroy your existing landscaping to add a deck to your yard. We’re happy to design an addition to your backyard, working with your current structure, so the inclusion of a deck into the aesthetic of your home is seamless.

We design decks with a purpose.

As a Morton Grove premier deck builders, we take time to get to know each of our clients. We make sure we understand the purpose of the deck before we design an addition. Maybe you’re looking for the ultimate backyard for grilling and family gatherings with built-in seating. Or, you’re an avid gardener dreaming of plenty of planter space. Either way, we’ll design your deck with your lifestyle in mind.

Don’t forget about the view.

No one wants to hang out on a deck where you’re stuck staring at your neighbor’s windows from every angle. We’ll consider the deck’s view when designing the layout and work with your home’s natural features to capture the best aspects of your yard from your new deck.

We’re the trusted deck builders of Morton Grove, IL. Get in touch with Family Restoration Inc. for a free estimate for your new deck project.

Our team has over 20 years of experience in carpentry and construction. We specialize in working on old, beautiful homes, naturally incorporating fresh additions and features into classic style. If you’re wondering if a deck is right for your home and yard, get in touch with Family Restoration for a free estimate.

Our experienced deck builders will help you find the perfect place for expanding your outdoor living space.